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More Hints from Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

DSNY Newscast drops the details

After a heavy dose of Solo: A Star Wars Story news out of Hollywood, and the subsequent rush to populate “Star Wars Celebration” in Chicago, a trip to Disney seems in order. My friend, Captain Jack Kendall from DSNY Newscast, delivered some news on the continuing installation of “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge”–Star Wars Land–in Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

“As we know that Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge will be expansive, immersive, and incredibly detailed,” said Kendall from his catbird seat in England. “However we’re still learning all the little secrets that this land will hold. As there is still so much left to be uncovered, from galactic food options, to out of this world entertainment, and then the interactivity and even the storyline elements.”

But this time, Disney is doing the uncovering.

Scenes from Galaxy’s Edge

BlueMilk Card
Disney’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge (Image: Walt Disney World)

“As part of the Galactic Nights offering at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Walt Disney Imagineering have been giving away these cards that when put together, form a story map for the location of Black Spire Outpost within Galaxy’s Edge,” he explained. “[On one card, the flip side] directly relates to the concept art we’ve seen for the Battle Escape attraction, where you, the Resistance fighters, undertake a rescue mission and then escape.

“We can [also] see blue milk being delivered to one of the stalls, and according to Jim Hill of the Disney Dish Podcast, this elaborate story vignette is being prepped for the new land, with these scenes being a little bit like the ‘streetmosphere’ characters in Disney Hollywood Studios, to create the feel of Hollywood movie sets, whereas Disney are aiming to make Black Spire Outpost feel like a real, bustling outpost right out of the movies.”

Augmented Reality

In the video posted above, Jack discusses even more vignettes, but also added a bit of detail about the augmented reality coming to Galaxy’s Edge.

“As it seems that Imagineering are really working hard at bringing Star Wars fans dreams to life, as we’ve seen
previously that Disney are developing various technologies that could create a real Lightsaber,” he said. “Now
this doesn’t necessarily mean a “real” lightsaber, where you can go all Obi-Wan Kenobi and chop people in half, but Disney are researching using head mounted augmented reality displays to overlay the special effects and illumination of the lightsaber onto a physical prop.”

Can’t wait to hear more! Be sure to watch the video and tell him I sent you… JB

Screen Shot 2018 06 07 at 1.52.44 PM
Black Spire (Disney)


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