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Rebel Grrrl Episode 96 – Thrawnakin: A Star Wars Story

On this episode!

  • Actually episode 96, not 95! Numbers, how do they work?
  • Check out Steele Wars Hyperchat episode 2 with Jess and Sal from Now, This is Podcasting! https://youtu.be/FslqhSbDO7I
  • A lady goes crazy on YouTube! https://youtu.be/i9r8r_-vOVU
  • We discuss a very curious excerpt from the new Thrawn book coming next month.
  • Star Wars is celebrating the 10 year anniversary of Star Wars: The Clone Warsat San Diego Comic Con.
  • Rumors continue to fly about Star Wars films on hold. We discuss whether to be worried or sit tight.
  • Billy Dee back for Episode IX? He better be. End of story.
  • A special thank you to our patrons!

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