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TMZ caught Solo: A Star Wars Story director Ron Howard on the street and discussed Solo and the recent rumors about the Star Wars spin-offs films being canceled. This would mean that rumored films like Obi-Wan and Boba Fett are dead in the water. The reporter from TMZ tries to state that Disney announced they’re suspending all the spin-off films but Howard doesn’t go with the statement. Howard responds by saying “I don’t think that’s entirely accurate.”

TMZ writes:

We got the director of “Solo: A Star Wars Story” Tuesday in Bev Hills just days after it was reported Disney was suspending all pre-planned ‘Star Wars’ story movies because ‘Solo’ failed to deliver the studio’s desired box office numbers. That includes the Obi-Wan movie. Ron seems to say there are inaccuracies in the reporting, but he’s not specific.

Howard acknowledged that it was reported by Collider that the stand-alone spin-offs were canceled but says, “I don’t think that’s right.”

The director went on to say that “everyone at Disney and at Lucasfilm really care about the fans.” He continued by saying that Star Wars is an ongoing process of discovering what the franchise can be. When his Star Wars film is said to not have done well, Howard quickly defended his work and stated “this movie did really well for me. I had a great experience. Exit polls were great, reaction was terrific among fans” but he agreed that the economics side was not what everyone was looking for.

I agree with Howard. Solo: A Star Wars Story is a fantastic movie. I wouldn’t change it for anything. The box office numbers do not change the quality of the released work. Lucasfilm has made four new really good Star Wars films. I hope they do well financially so they make more, but ultimately I’m grateful that they were dedicated to getting it right, and I would take four really good Star Wars films over eight that made a lot of money but where ultimately disposable and forgettable garbage. That’s why the trashy rumors about Kathleen Kennedy being in trouble or fired are so infuriating to me as a fan. Kennedy and Howard did right by us, but that sports mentality around scorekeeping and box office makes people think a successful piece of work was a failure when it simply wasn’t.

 I can’t wait for the movie to hit 4K disc so I can watch it with my kids all the time.

You can see Howard discuss the film with TMZ here.