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Rumor: Mos Eisley Spaceport film postponed, Obi-Wan and Fett live?

Unknown Star Wars film was delayed or canceled which might mean good things for other Star Wars films.

Yesterday, it was reported that a few Star Wars films had been shelved. The official response to those rumors were denials from Disney and Lucasfilm. The story that has been going around in the backchannels for a little while now was that two films with the “A Star Wars Story” moniker were shelved, and many were assuming it was because of a wide array of things.

When I first heard the rumor that Collider exclusively reported on, it had a lot of the same details. I spoke to a few sources about the matter since their story broke and I may have a reason for the way the rumor came about. Before I get into it, I should let it be known that because of the nature of the spin-off films in question not even being announced officially, this story should be treated as rumor.

Pinewood Studios

It sounds like this particular rumor permeated because studio space at Pinewood Studios that was reserved for upcoming Star Wars films was recently relinquished. When that happened, it appears people in the some circles at Pinewood also assumed it meant doom and gloom for the Obi-Wan Kenobi and Boba Fett films. Well, after speaking to a few more Pinewood sources, it sounds like there was going to be a movie or a premise along the lines of Mos Eisley Spaceport: A Star Wars Story (not an official title). Crew members of the previous Star Wars film said they believed the other movie was about the spaceport Luke Skywalker goes into the original film. In other words, my sources are saying this movie we never even heard about was canned or postponed and it does not mean the Obi-Wan Kenobi and Boba Fett films are doomed.

To make it extra clear, it sounds like studio space was canceled, people panicked, assumed it meant bad things for the Kenobi and Fett films but it was actually a movie fans never heard of based around Mos Eisley Spaceport that was either canceled or postponed for now. There are sources at Pinewood who thought they were going to be working on a film of exactly that premise and said film was not Kenobi or Boba Fett.

boba fett bespin by livio27 d2y65vu
boba fett bespin by livio27 d2y65vu

After Episode IX

By most accounts the next trilogy will be from Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, which will be a little more grown up. This will be followed by Rian Johnson’s trilogy which is said to be a little more all ages in terms of tonal quality, by the sound of things. With that in mind, I expect the Boba Fett film and the Obi-Wan film to still be possibilities. However, those two films were never announced officially by Lucasfilm or Disney which makes this story harder to pin down. From the sound of the conversations I’ve had in the last day, Collider wasn’t wrong in that a Star Wars movie was held off; it just seems like it was not the two movies we all thought it was based on the initial information.

I hope this eases the nerves of any fans of the spin-off films. I’ve had my hands full this week with life stuff and wasn’t able to dig in as hard as I would have liked. But after speaking to a few sources, this sounds like it may be what is happening with the future Star Wars films. This is in no way meant to be any disrespect to Steven Weintraub at Collider. If this story pans out, it was only because of the work he did on the first story that allowed me to potentially get to the bottom of this rumor. And once again, I’m not claiming to be the be-all, end-all here; this was what I found out when I took a deep dive on the topic since they published yesterday. The Collider information might be 100% and I’m way off. But I’m sharing because it seems correct based on my recent correspondences but since I cannot get confirmation of any particular movie even officially existing, this is best left as a rumor until the details of what went on fully come to light.


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