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EA has finally given us a look at the Solo: A Star Wars Story content coming on the second half of the “Solo Season.” The costumes are the predictable but well chosen skins you would expect and that isn’t a bad thing. There are no new characters which is really a travesty with characters like Enfys Nest and L3 having so much potential in a game like this. It also appears the Lando/L3 version of the Falcon with the escape pod is free for all players and there’s a new map location!

Check out the video:

The Falcon in the game is pretty represented now with all three on screen eras of the ship given some attention. We have Lando and L3’s Falcon, Han and Chewie’s Falcon, and Rey and Chewbacca’s Falcon now. I hope L3-37 has some good lines when you activate the copilot ability. The Lando version of the ship is faster but less robust since it lacks the modifications made by Han Solo later in the timeline. You will be able to use “Coaxium Injection” for a speed boost, using L3 as your copilot will allow you to highlight enemies for you and your allies, and the final ability allows the laster guns to fire together for increased damage (instead of alternating fire by default).

Landos Falcon

Landos Falcon

New Map

The new map is the Coaxium Mine of Kessel. This will bring back “extraction mode” so you can do the hyperfuel heist from the film in Battlefront style. The level looks pretty good in the shots and evokes the vibe of the set from the film pretty well. If it plays as good as it looks it should be really fun. The idea is that you get the goods back to the Falcon as in the film. It also appears there is going to be an extraction mode for Jabba’s palace as well.

The Falcon is not the right Falcon in these screenshots. Hopefully it is corrected in the game:


kessel 2

New Costumes

The new costumes are something I’ve been waiting for. It appears both of Lando’s Solo: A Star Wars Story costumes are coming too. The legendary priced skins will be Han Solo (Corellia Escape), Han Solo (Beckett’s Crew), Lando (Sportsman), and Lando (Raconteur) from the end of the film. Chewbacca will be an epic priced skin with the “Vandor Heist” look.

New Costumes in Battlefront

New Costumes in Battlefront

The developers also confirmed they’re removing all of the holographic effects from the menu screens which is good. Jetpack Cargo is coming back and will be set on Yavin now, which sounds great. I can’t wait to play this content. Battlefront is a much better game today then it was at launch and I still really enjoy it and play it daily. I’m happy to see I will likely enjoy the game throughout the summer.

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