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Take a look at the covers for the Solo: A Star Wars Story 4K and SteelBook releases!

The cover for the 4K release of Solo: A Star Wars Story has been revealed. Phil Szostak shared these images on Twitter a few moments ago. He also says that Target is going to have four different editions of the film for sale. That cover is really nice (nicer than the theatrical posters, if you ask me). Those pack-in art books are always pretty cool too. Solo 4K

Solo: A Star Wars Story 4K

Details of the set are forthcoming, so hopefully there’s some documentaries or solid behind-the-scenes materials for this release. The Rogue One: A Star Wars Story set wasn’t anywhere as in-depth as the excellent Star Wars: The Last Jedi release, so it isn’t clear if the spin-off films get less than the Skywalker Saga episodes or if it was just the way the ball bounced for that release. I’m really excited to own this one in 4K.

I also recommend following Phil Szostak on Twitter because he’s been sharing some awesome concept art from Solo: A Star Wars Story that Star Wars fans like myself are enjoying immensely.

Hopefully the full details and locked down release date for this release follow soon! You can check out this edition and and some of the alternate sets on like this Blu-ray set:

Solo Blu-ray

Clayton Sandell found these possible details about a release date based on the shipping options:

When the full details of the set are released, we’ll update you!



Szostak also shared the SteelBook from Best Buy:

Solo SteelBook

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