THE SITH LIST EPISODE 97 -Star Wars Fandom, GOT prequel, WW84, and Mike Myers

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This week, on Episode 97 of “The Sith List” Iraj, Boo (Carlos), Les, and Eric guide you through a busy WEEK IN GEEK! Star Wars, Spider-man, Game of Thrones, Michael Myers, and Daniel Russo… what more do you need?

Fandom Covered :

  • Box Office – Ocean’s 8 steals the top spot

  • Star Wars Chit-Chat – John Boyega strikes back

  • George Lucas shares his microbiotic world with us

  • New Star Wars game on the horizon, SWCO tickets are selling out

  • Game of Thrones prequel in the works

  • Wonder Woman 1984 releases a confusing photo

  • Spider-man 2 gets a villain

  • The Shining sequel has a lead actor

  • Halloween 2? We have a trailer.

  • Fear the Walking Dead… what the hell are you doing?

  • Cobra Kai is “The Best Around”

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Catch you next week on Episode 98 of…..THE SITH LIST


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