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Our friends at Black Series Rebels put together a video of fans showing support for Kelly Marie Tran. She was harassed by racist and sexist trolls until she decided to leave the toxicity behind her take a break from the internet. Disappointed fans sent short clips of positive messages to Kelly Marie Tran and the guys edited them together into this video.

My kids picked up on that something was going on when my wife Amanda and I had conversations about the situation and how horrible it was. My son who is four and a half couldn’t understand why anyone wouldn’t like Rose, Finn’s buddy. I didn’t have the heart to explain to him what the world is just yet. With that, the kids wanted to be in the clip of the video we were passing on to the Black Series guys. You know the old Hollywood saying about working with kids and animals. We eventually got a clip to submit and you can see it here:

Some have tried to justify the treatment of Tran as a non-issue. These people have said things like she’s starting Star Wars: Episode IX filming soon so she deactivated her Instagram and that’s why she’s left. None of that is accurate and it just an attempt to make excuses for the vile haters that harassed her. These conspiracy theories do more harm than good. They seek to erase the harassment that Tran endured and the climate that caused it. These types of people use “gaslighting” tactics to make it seem insane that it was even suggested she left from harassment and toxicity.

Hopefully Kelly sees or at least hears about this video. She’s a part of something really wonderful and the experience of making a really great Star Wars film is something I would hate to see tarnished by a few bad apples. The vast majority of the Star Wars community is behind Kelly and can’t wait for Star Wars: Episode IX to see the further adventures of Rey, Finn, Poe Dameron, and Rose Tico.

When you see harassment in our Star Wars community, don’t let it waste your time. But if you have a second, report the harassment on the social media platform you see it occurring on. This weekend the Facebook group that took responsibility for the harassment of Kelly Marie Tran and Daisy Ridley was take down. But it was only taken down after numerous complaints were filed. Some got responses saying the group didn’t violate Facebook’s terms, even though it did. The point is don’t be discouraged when the platforms don’t regulate their communities by the standards they set. Eventually a competent employee will see the issue for what it is. If we don’t protect our Star Wars celebrities, talent, and content creators they will be forced to step away from social media and that makes everything we have going on in the Star Wars online community a little less special.

Special thanks to the Black Series Rebels for putting this together!