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It’s a little under 24-hours since Collider reports pointed to a pause in production of Lucasfilm’s Star Wars spinoffs and I am merely sad.

While I am not quite in the “any Star Wars is good Star Wars” camp, I’ve lived through enough prolonged dry spells to believe that Star Wars films in production are better than scripts on a shelf. AND, I will continue to contend that ALL four of Disney’s Star Wars films have been entertaining, exciting, re-watchable entries into the canon.

Go ahead “@” me.

BTW: I am NOT an old EU fan, happy to read (endure) significant outliers to the universe established by the films. The “MedStar Duology” killed it for me. Please note: I am not sending any hate toward the authors. When I decided I didn’t like the books, I sold them to the local beach reads peddler. End of story.

The films are what drives this thing for me, and I am thrilled with the almost-totally-embraceable new canon.

If verified — there’s been no official statement to confirm the collider story — I’ll be sitting here mourning the loss of an “Obi-Wan” film. More than anyone, Ewan McGregor’s portrayal of the venerable Jedi kept my curiosity and care for the Saga in high gear, even when future films were not a lock. Furthermore, my mind also kept its imagination open to the possibilities inherent in a “Boba Fett” film or “Lando” film.

Do I want to see a Knights of the Old Republic-type film? Damn right. Did I think the movies needed to depart the timeline of the Skywalkers immediately? Hell no. But what Solo and Rogue One did for this fan remains essential. It helped me remember the imagination I used to put into the franchise as a child. Some called the Star Wars Stories fan flicks. That’s fine. Filling in the blanks didn’t bother me. It’s a big timeline, after all, and I was thrilled to see the plans delivered to Leia and Han win the Falcon.

Sue me.

In short, I didn’t see why so many people had to be closeminded about the “Star Wars Stories,” nevermind J.J. Abrams and Rian Johnson’s new entries into the Saga. But, here I am, a guy who embraced the Prequels; noting out loud that the Original Trilogy had many of the same hiccups that so many decry in Episodes I – III. Hell, I even saw the Clone Wars animated movie twice in the theater.

Please judge me. Please.

Thinking out loud, do I wonder if marketing, format, release dates, crawls, director-distraction and lower thirds caused confusion? Sure.

But none of that mattered more than enjoying the movie. You see — for me — chomping on popcorn in a darkened cineplex letting the pew, pew, pew wash over me is one of the great joys in life.

And if the rumored shutdown is actual truth, I can’t help but think that most fans will look back on June 20, 2018, as a sad anniversary.

Here’s the thing, though: I hope I’m wrong – because I love Star Wars.

May the Force be with us…. JB

What's Your Take? Lucasfilm Stops Production on Star Wars Stories

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