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A Star Wars Actor Will Not Appear in Saskatchewan for a September Convention

But does a convention cancellation confirm an Episode IX appearance?

Around the Galaxy: Star Wars News & Notes – July 4, 2018

Possible spoilers for Star Wars: Episode IX are ahead.









So, a text from a good friend woke me from a sunshine-fueled July Fourth slumber.

They said, “About to get in the pool. This might validate fanthatracks [sic]…” and included a link to the following tweet:

Now the tweet isn’t new, and calls for Billy Dee Williams to return to Star Wars are perpetual, but let’s revisit last month when there was more than a little excitement about the prospect of Lando’s return to the Saga (again).

On June 18 Fantha Tracks reported:

Billy Dee Williams is back for Episode IX as Lando Calrissian.”

They explained:

We were asked by our original source to verify this with another independent source before we ran with it. We did that, confirming that this is indeed correct (and before anyone asks, we’re not going to name our sources because that’s not how this works). Filming on Episode IX starts next month, so expect to see official confirmation of this exciting casting very soon.

Some pretty high-profile outlet noticed that post, including Esquire, whose Matt Miller noted:

According to new rumors circulated by the normally reliable fan site Fantha Tracks, Billy Dee Williams will allegedly return to reprise his role as Lando Calrissian. While most other storylines have been picked up in Episodes VII and VIII, Lando has been notably absent.

Miller added:

But, as CBR.com points out, Williams was recently training three times a week and following a strict new diet, which would suggest he’s getting in shape for a new role.”

Add the cancellation from June 28, and a bunch more people are excited about the prospect of Billy Dee bookending the Sequel Trilogy. But there’s been no official confirmation.

However, Fantha Tracks bookended their coverage of the rumor, like this:

Billy Dee Williams has pulled out of Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo on 15th and 16th September, which could be seen as further confirmation that – due to a film schedule conflict – he will soon be shooting his scenes for Episode IX at Pinewood.”

Now I’m thinking: Hello, what have we here?

From your keyboards to The Maker’s ears, guys!


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