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Analyzing Star Wars on a Sunny Afternoon

What do you think about the changes we've seen in the OT over the years?

Here’s some truth:

I fear when folks ask me ‘What did you do last weekend?’ Or query ‘How was Sunday?’ or some such thing.

Why? Because I live in New England and the natural beauty of the area sets everyone to hiking, swimming, or sailing. I don’t even like eating a sandwich outside.

So when I’m able to find a free moment, I analyze Star Wars, and I seek out others who do the same. Heck, it’s how I found Amanda and Jason Ward. So today, while others are sunning themselves, planting a garden, or heading to Hampton Beach, I am typing, and watching, and typing some more.

And this weekend’s obsession is focused on the many versions of 1977’s Star Wars, now known as Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope and I was happy to find a couple of Saga aficionados–nerdier than I–who have compiled videos detailing the differences between the Star Wars we saw in the ’70s and ’80s through to more recent changes.

First up: Marcelo Zuniga‘s four-video breakdown of the Original Trilogy:

Then there is Hello Greedo’s eight-part playlist:

To quote Kirby from St. Elmo’s Fire:

I’m obsessed thank you very much.”

And these guys are even more obsessed with Star Wars than I am!

That fact, in-of-itself, is a feat, but the videos are pretty impressive (most impressive) too. So, as I look through the changes, my favorite enhancements are the digital additions to the beginning of the battle of Yavin; seeing the full force of the Rebel Alliance digitized in all of its glory is awesome.

My least favorite? Too many things are going on when Luke and the gang speed into Mos Eisley–if you’ve seen one Womp rat you’ve seen them all; it’s just too damn busy and tends to break down the desolation we’re supposed to feel on Tatooine.

Mind you: The added creatures in the Mos Eisley scene don’t keep me up at night.

Here’s the thing: I’m not an OT purist, and I can admit that I love many of George Lucas’ changes to the Saga. However, I know there are a whole bunch of fans who just can’t stand any of the changes. NBD. We can co-exist, and I’ll be interested to hear what folks have to say after I post.

To paraphrase Ben Kenobi, Keep it civilized…


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