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If the crowds at the opening of “Toy Story Land” are any indication of the kind of clamor “Galaxy’s Edge” will create on both coasts, it might be time to start planning your 2019 itineraries very carefully.

Many, many Star Wars and Disney Parks fans are very much looking forward to the immersive nature of “Star Wars Land” and some are already “planning their entry.”

But I digress, as we’re here to discuss the new scale models of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge unveiled in Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studio’s “Walt Disney Presents” attraction.

Stephen Porter, Assistant Editor at The Dis — a well-known and trusted Disney information and fan site — did a nice job photographing the model when it was first displayed on June 29.

“In addition to the expanded model of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge there is also now a model of the Millennium Falcon and a Resistance Intersystem Transport Ship,” wrote porter in his photo essay. “The window display that previously featured a scaled-down model of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, the display now shows a model of an AT-AT.”


Image: The Dis, Stephen Porter

Check out Stephen’s piece to see some terrific details on the new model. Meanwhile, Fresh Baked WDW added this walk around clip to help put the new view in better perspective for those of us as home.

Finally, previous to the unveiling, DSNY Newscast posted a breakdown of construction photos/ official art, which puts many of the new details in the model in better perspective, as well.

Are you planning on checking out either version of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in 2019? Hit me up on twitter to let me know how you plan to time the trip. Will you try to get into the opening? Or will you wait for the crowds to die down?