Galaxy's Edge 101: A Star Wars Land Synopsis

Galaxy’s Edge model has been keeping tabs on the construction of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge for some time, but with the opening of both parks slated for 2019 it stands to reason that news from both coasts will be coming in at light speed.

Need to catch up? Check out this recent post from CNET:

Drink in the cantina. Tangle with a bounty hunter. Befriend a Loth-cat. Dodge blaster fire. Fly the Millennium Falcon.

You’ll be able to live inside your own Star Wars story at Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge, a whole new type of immersive theme-park experience opening in 2019. Stretching across 14 acres, this expansion to the current parks in Florida and California includes two rides, a cantina restaurant, along with new stories, creatures, smells and plenty of high-tech effects that will bring the fantasy universe to life. Disney is also building a luxury Star Wars hotel in Florida for guests to role-play in costume, adding even more layers of story possibilities.

CNET compiled a whole bunch of factoids about immersive environments coming to Disneyland and Disney’s Hollywood Studio in Walt Disney World. My favorite note?

Is Batuu in any other Star Wars stories?
The planet was invented for the theme
parks, but is now being woven into other Star Wars stories as canon. The upcoming novel “Thrawn: Alliances” makes reference to Batuu. And the Black Spire also got a brief mention in the movie “Solo: A Star Wars Story,” when the droid L3-37 tells Lando Calrissian he couldn’t find the Black Spire without her.

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