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Kevin Feige Says He’s Not Joining Lucasfilm or Taking Over Star Wars.

Around the Galaxy: Star Wars News & Notes - July 2, 2018

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Last week, rumors persisted that Kathleen Kennedy was about to lose her position.

In his post on Friday, entitled “Marvel Studios Head Kevin Feige Isn’t Taking Over Lucasfilm,” Slashfilm.com’s Peter Sciretta wrote, “These reports weren’t coming from disgruntled Star Wars fans, but actually reputable sources.

“The rumor spread so fast among industry types that I received no fewer than five phone calls about it from reputable people around Hollywood,” he added. “Richard Rushfield’s respected industry e-mail newsletter The Ankler first mentioned the rumblings that Kennedy might exit Lucasfilm by September of this year. Earlier this month, Deadline off-handedly mentioned the rumors that Kevin Feige will be the new president of Lucasfilm, noting that the speculation was “roundly denied.”

Adding to the speculation were musings about Marvel head Kevin Feige joining Lucasfilm and allowing Kennedy “to step down in September to semi-retire.”

But, when Sciretta ASKED FEIGE HIMSELF if he were bound for the Saga he said:

No. Only in my backyard with my action figures.”

Sciretta added:

Of course, this doesn’t mean that Kennedy won’t leave Lucasfilm at some point. I’m guessing that the prestigious producer doesn’t want to make Star Wars the remainder of her career in Hollywood. If I were to guess, and this is purely a guess at this point, I would think she will at least oversee the company through the release of J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars: Episode 9, completing work on the sequel trilogy she has overseen since the very beginning.

Sciretta continued: “And let’s be clear:

[I]f Kennedy was to leave the company, it would have nothing to do with the small but vocal subgroup of Star Wars fans who hated The Last Jedi and have been demanding Kennedy’s head on the block – from what I’ve heard, Disney honcho Bob Iger and all of the executives at the company were delighted with how the film turned out and are excited to work with Rian Johnson further on his planned trilogy.

I read Peter all the time and was indeed pleased to read his take. Rogue One had no business being as good as it turned out, and despite the box office troubles of Solo: A Star Wars Story – it’s marked a high point in my adult Star Wars viewing. So, from a fan and journalistic sightline — an informed, common sense perspective — it makes sense that Kathleen Kennedy continues at Lucasfilm… or leave on her own terms.


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