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Oh Snap! Is Greg Grunberg’s Wexley Back for Star Wars: Episode IX?

A recent interview teases character's return

snap wexley
Greg Grunberg as “Snap” Wexley. Image: StarWars.com

Around The Galaxy: Star Wars News & Notes – July 25, 2018

It’d be the least surprising casting announcement of the film…

Ever since he and the rest of “Black Squadron” accompanied Poe Dameron to Starkiller Base in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Temmin “Snap” Wexley’s backstory has been filled out in off-camera canon.

But the now hirsute actor who originated the role, Greg Grunberg, teased the on-screen return of Mr. Bones’ (and apparently Episodes VII & IX Director J.J. Abrams’) favorite human to the Star Wars fold.

“You know what — we’d better or else my wife is going to kill me for growing a beard,” Grunberg told Yahoo Entertainment’s, Ethan Alter. “I can’t officially say anything, but this is getting itchy, and I’m getting itchy to go over there and do it.”

Alter explained:

By “over there,” Grunberg means England, where Episode IX begins production this month. Every Star Wars movie is a matter of intense speculation, but the latest film is bound to be the most closely watched, given the precarious position in which The Last Jedi left all of our heroes, including Rey, Finn, and, of course, Leia Organa.

Grunberg, speaking from San Diego Comic-Con where he was a member of the “From the Bridge” documentary panel, also told Alter that he’s not terribly interested in fan input on the Saga, preferring to let his childhood buddy Abrams steer the course of Star Wars.

“I get it all the time,” Grunberg told Yahoo. “I’m trying to watch my son play baseball, and someone goes, ‘You know what I thought J.J. should have done?’ I’m like, ‘Can I just watch my kid?’ It comes along with the territory.”


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