Around the Galaxy: Star Wars News & Notes – July 26, 2018

“Shill card” firmly in grasp, I’m a huge fan of the folks over at the “Star Wars Show”; especially when co-hosts Andi and Anthony take the time to recap everything from a huge week of news about the Saga.


This week on the show, Gutierrez and Carboni tackled all of the information from San Diego Comic-Con, with special emphasis on the return of The Clone Wars, Star Wars book announcements, comic and collectible news, as well as an update on Hasbro’s crowdsourced “Sail Barge” project:

And, in case you missed it,’s Dan Brooks also posted, “SDCC 2018: 12 Things We Learned from the Star Wars: The Clone Wars Panel.”

Beyond the obvious, my favorite of the dozen was:

10. Everyone learns and changes. Even our little green friend. That was the point of the “Lost Missions” episodes in which Yoda faces the mysteries of the Force — battling a dark version of himself and going on a journey of personal discovery. “This is a deep dive into the Force that George wanted to explore with Yoda, and Yoda confronting his own dark side, just to kind of show that everybody has challenges, even Yoda,” Filoni said. “These characters all evolve.”

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Finally, Dan posted, “SDCC 2018: Fans React to the Return of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.”

Brooks interviewed several SDCC attendees, many of whom reflected on the below trailer for the new episodes:

“My mind is completely blown,” said Clone Wars fan Hannah Francis to Brooks.

I was expecting maybe a tidbit about [the upcoming animated series] Resistance. I never in a million years thought we’d get Clone Wars back again.”

I’m with you, Hannah! JB

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

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