Star Wars Battlefront II Roadmap outlines updates for the rest of the year

If you are a Star Wars Battlefront II fan, your probably going to be pretty bummed about this update. EA has released their first roadmap for the future of Battlefront II and and it’s pretty telling to the state of the game. We aren’t going to be getting any Clone Wars content this summer, we are going to have to wait for the Fall to arrive to finally play as Clone Wars Heroes. Check out the Roadmap below to see what’s coming up.

On top of all this, Geonosis won’t be ready till the Winter, but hopefully the wait will be well worth it and it’ll look glorious. In any event, this month we are getting the ability for Hero characters to deactivate their respective Lightsabers which is something you could do in Battlefront 2015. This helps with sneak attacks to the opposing team instead of that said team seeing a bright Light coming at them from a Lightsaber. In August we are getting new Clone Trooper skins which is exciting depending on what Clones they include. I’m hoping to see Clones like Fives and Rex implemented into the game.

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We’ll get Kenobi and Grievous in the fall alongside some new hero skins and even more Clone Trooper skins. In the winter we get hero Anakin Skywalker and villain Count Dooku as well as Geonosis. I’m pretty bummed we have to wait this long for new content constantly but hopefully they start to make new changes post Geonosis and going into 2019.


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