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Video: The Clone Wars is back! 10th Anniversary Panel at SDCC 2018!

Star Wars: The Clone Wars is returning! Today during the 10th-anniversary panel of The Clone Wars, Supervising Director Dave Filoni announced that the beloved animated TV series is returning in 2019 to the Disney Streaming Service App. We were lucky enough to attend and Jason recorded the entire panel. It is a must-see and I highly recommend you check it out:

A trailer for the next season was also shown during the panel.

StarWars.Com confirms that 12 episodes are in the lineup for the next season:

Star Wars: The Clone Wars will be returning with 12 all-new episodes on Disney’s direct-to-consumer streaming service.”

You may or may not know, but The Clone Wars TV Series is my favorite thing about Star Wars. So when I saw this today at the panel, I was floored. Seeing the trailer made me tear up. The trailer teased the Siege of Mandalore arc that Dave Filoni has been talking about since Star Wars Celebration Anaheim back in 2015. One thing I am wondering about is if this will be the last season or not. I am assuming since Siege of Mandalore was teased (it was planned to be the series finale), that means this will be the final season. Though Clone Wars was known in the past for being out of order so you never know, maybe we will get more episodes if this season does well.

We will 100% cover all updates on the future of the show!



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