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Walt Disney World’s Star Wars Hotel: Size & Layout Revealed

Permit filings give clues about its connection to Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

DSNY Newscast breaks down the details

In his latest video, Jack Kendall of DSNY Newscast discerns and describes essential details about Disney’s next big project; an intergalactic hotel to be installed adjacent to “Star Wars Land” at Hollywood Studios.

“Next year marks a pretty monumental year for Walt Disney Imagineering, as in the summer and late fall, Disney will be opening ‘Galaxy’s Edge’ in both Disneyland and Walt Disney World respectively; with these being their most ambitious immersive themed lands yet,” said Kendall. “But on the horizon, not long after these lands open, Disney will debut another an equally ambitious and cutting-edge concept in the ‘Star Wars Hotel.'”

The permit filings show the layout of the new building and the nature of its connection to the immersive Star Wars-based land.

We can see in these public permits… the complete size of the hotel building, taking on a more traditional two-story-tall boutique hotel shape, as — after all — it doesn’t really matter what it looks like from the outside, because the hotel will be mainly blocked from view, and every window will have a digital view of the galaxy.

“This hotel will not have hundreds and hundreds of rooms, like ever other Disney hotel, but instead I would be surprised if it had more than a hundred, especially given its size and the nature of the resort.”

There’s been plenty of speculation as to how the hotel will connect to Galaxy’s Edge, but Kendall does not believe there will be a dedicated walkway.

Image: DSNY Newscast

“No such direct pathway exists anywhere on the permit filing,” continued Kendall. “But you can see that there is indeed a walkway that leads from the hotel down to the Guest Parking, but that is where it stops, and there certainly isn’t any bridge or pedestrian crossing on this main road, which separates the guest parking and the back of Galaxy’s Edge.

“Up until now, the language that has been used very specifically by Disney Parks Blog has been that the resort will be seamlessly connected, which is different from direct access,” he explained. “So, Disney could easily provide a seamless connection to Galaxy’s Edge for Hotel guests… [perhaps] a themed transportation service that would drop guests at a special, exclusive entrance directly into Galaxy’s Edge.

“But it looks like a permanent direct transport service, like the “Hogwarts Express” at Universal Studios, is not on the cards.”

Watch the DSNY Newscast video above for full details on the permit filings, and keep it here on MakingStarWars.net for all the latest from Anaheim and Orlando.

Star Wars Hotel
Concept Art. Image: Disney Parks

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