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A first glimpse of the Millennium Falcon from Black Park Star Wars: Episode IX set? – Gallery

There were rumors circulating recently that Star Wars: Episode IX would be filming in Black Park. Photographs were coming in showing what appeared to be a secretive film production with behavior indicating it could be for the last film in the current Star Wars trilogy. A person today has sent over what appears to be the first images of a glimpse of the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars: Episode IX. If the photos are what they appear to be the value is that it confirms the “jungle/forest” sets we’ve heard rumors about at Pinewood Studios.

This was one of the first photos to come in just showing that there was movement in the area:

Black Park Star Wars

They are going to great lengths to fence off this part of the park and are starting to cover this fencing with the same green fabric sheets that they used on Red Cup (Solo: A Star Wars Story) and preceding Star Wars productions which hang on the Pinewood fence between the public path in Black Park and the star’s trailers.

The Millennium Falcon at the Black Park Star Wars: Episode IX set:

Here is a gallery of the photos which appear to show some of the Falcon:


The source of the photos says that the area is covered up now. I’m told that when there is a film set at Black Park there will be a security guard posted but the set is pretty open. This one is different. One person said, “The trouble they are going to with the fencing is ridiculous and actually will just attract attention.” If this all checks out, it is hard to argue with the source’s words as it clearly did. It does look like the Falcon is out there at Black Park to me in these photos. I have a memory that could be incorrect, but I seem to remember receiving a video of a shot of Luke and Rey in the rain for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, from the moment Rey pushes Luke down and I think that had GPS info indicating it was Black Park too, but that could have been because of the proximity of Pinewood to it. For security reasons, I purged the video but I think it did say that.

It sees to be a tradition that with every Star Wars saga film we get a glimpse of the Falcon somewhere and it wouldn’t surprise me if this was the start of the slow drip of the Falcon pics from this production. It certainly isn’t like it was in 2015 when just the idea of the Millennium Falcon being on screen made us flip out, but at the same time, a part of me does get that jazzed about it. I think I’ve written for each of these films that the idea the Falcon is built somewhere is beyond cool and that is out there right now going down.





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