Solo: A Star Wars Story

Book Excerpt: “Solo: A Star Wars Story” Novelization Features New Scene teases Han Solo in trouble with the Imperial Navy

Spoilers for the Solo: A Star Wars Story novelization ahead…

Han did say he got kicked out for having a mind of his own, and in the scene below we can read exactly what that means.

On Wednesday, reported:

Solo: A Star Wars Story

We always knew Han Solo was a maverick, a talented pilot who preferred to fly by his own rules and for his own profit.

When author Mur Lafferty brings Solo: A Star Wars Story from the screen to the page with the novelization of the hit summer film, we’ll get an even more in-depth look at the formative events that shaped the young scoundrel.

Today, is bringing you the first look (and listen) from the forthcoming novel, Solo: A Star Wars Story. In this exclusive excerpt from the expanded adaptation, Han gets into trouble with the Imperial Navy and faces a military tribunal…

The exerpt begins:

“Onyx Squadron, maintain formation!”

Han knew that voice, and it always made him grind his teeth.

Flight Officer Ubbel was constantly demanding they play it safe. Han privately thought that if Ubbel had been in charge, the Empire would have encompassed one of the smaller skyscrap­ers on Coruscant instead of half the galaxy.

“I can take them faster than the squad can!” Han shouted.

“Negative, negative, Onyx Nine, return to formation!”

Han actually liked Onyx 2, his friend Cadet Lyttan Dree. The number of other cadets who liked him was frankly diminish­ing. His natural charm always drew them in…but then most people would quickly figure out that being close to him would probably reduce their chances for advancement. Dree, or Onyx 2, managed to be a good pilot, Han’s friend, and still fol­low the rules. Han had always meant to ask him how he did that, and now he might never get the chance.

Han peeled off from the formation and chased the Headhunt­ers down, feeling much freer now that he could fly where he wanted to and not worry about the others in formation. In the­ory he could understand the need for a formation, but in prac­tice he always preferred to worry only about himself and his own ship.

Be sure to check out the full excerpt and an audiobook clip.

Meanwhile, this week’s “The Star Wars Show” also teased the novel news, as well as some additional book info from Solo: A Star Wars Story:

This week, we reveal the first excerpt from the Solo: A Star Wars Story novelization, get an exciting update on ILMxLAB and The VOID’s Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire, take a closer look at what it takes to be a senior concept artist on a Star Wars film, and Andi sits down with Head of ILM and VFX Supervisor on Solo, Rob Bredow. Plus, we have more Star Wars Fan Awards pro tips from the Lucasfilm Story Group’s Matt Martin.


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