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First Look at Finn, Poe, and Chewbacca in Star Wars: Episode IX

Filming for the final installment in the latest Star Wars trilogy is well underway in London and the first glimpses look amazing! Yesterday we exclusively shared the first images of the Millennium Falcon on set in Black Park and today The Sun has some great photos of more on-location filming.

The photos feature John Boyega as Finn and a good look at his new costume featuring that vest fans spotted in J.J. Abrams’ recent photo from the first day of filming.

Also seen is Oscar Isaac back as Poe Dameron sans jacket! And Joonas Suotamo is also seen fully decked out as Chewbacca. It will be interesting to return to an older and more somber Chewbacca after what a ride Solo was for the character.

The extras seen in the photos also look really interesting as do the fur-covered horses.

Our buddy Hawes of “Blue Harvest” pointed out that the location reminds him of the grassy planet we heard of for the original opening of The Force Awakens when Anakin Skywalker’s lightsaber tumbled down into a grassy field and was picked up by an alien named Nakka.

Check out the images below. Source: The Sun

Spoiler Warning!

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