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Matt Smith has landed an important role in Star Wars: Episode IX?

Variety is reporting that Doctor Who and The Crown’s Matt Smith has landed an important role in Star Wars: Episode IX. Back during the production of The Force Awakens, Bleeding Cool reported that Smith was trying out for a part in Star Wars. Maybe J.J. Abrams has wanted to work with Smith since then? Either way the cast for Episode IX is filling out now and we are seeing the players in the last part of the current trilogy slowly trickle out.

Variety wrote:

Sources tell Variety that “The Crown” star Matt Smith is joining “Star Wars: Episode IX,” which is currently in production in the U.K. It’s unknown at this time whether the “Doctor Who” alum will be on the side of the rebels or the evil empire.

Matt Smith The Crown

Smith is really good in The Crown and he won over the audience with Doctor Who, coming in after David Tennant who really rocked the character and became a fan favorite (Tennant also played Huyang in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, winning an Emmy for his role as a droid that helped young Jedi with their lightsabers). Point is, Matt Smith is good in a large ensembles and he’s been in a parts that have had large scrutiny with an intense fan base.

If this pans out, it could be cool. I can see him playing any part in a film, good or bad.




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