Star Wars: Episode IX Cinematographer shares set photo of lighting rig?

Instagram post shows us early look at Star Wars: Episode IX set and lights?

Update: This appears to be from John Carter of Mars and not Star Wars:



Star Wars: Episode IX cinematographer/DP Dan Mindel shared a photo on his Instagram account today and it wasn’t his lunch. Mindel shared a photo of a massive lighting rig and in the photo you can see what may be sections of lights from a new Star Wars set. I don’t recognize any of this from any of his previous films so it would seem it is from Episode IX as it is filming now and Mindel is the DP on that production and he even calls them “space lights” which could mean they are for Star Wars (or just from the future as far as he’s concerned).

I took some screenshots of the image so you can get a better look at the ornate pattern on the wall. There also appears to be an indention in the ground with a walkway that is not totally unlike what we saw in The Last Jedi on Ahch-To. The place inside the case in that film is where we see the balanced Prime Jedi art before Rey goes on her psychedelic journey toward the Dark Side. With so few details it reminds me of that but it may be laughable down the road I even made that connection at this point.

Star Wars: Episode IX Screenshots?

What do you think? Is it from Star Wars? Notice anything we’re missing? The lighting system is really neat and pretty extensive in scope. The look of Star Wars: Episode IX should be pretty killer. However, all the new Star Wars films have looked really fantastic so let’s not start taking that for granted.

The most interesting part of this period of production on a new Star Wars movie is that it almost feels like a blank slate. As it begins to get more filled in and we learn about the worlds and new characters, the film starts to feel like the movie we will get in theaters in December 2019 and I am happy to begin that journey again as we get the conclusion of Rey’s Star Wars trilogy.

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