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Star Wars: Episode IX’s Black Park set has new vines and other happenings!

I do not think there is anything in this post that could constitute a large spoiler. But please remember to be respectful of our fellow friends and fans and not expose them to any concepts, information, or photos they did not choose to see or learn about. Everyone has a different line and definition for what a spoiler is. Err on the side of caution, please.

Details Added

Movement on Star Wars: Episode IX’s Black Park set continues to ramp up. Earlier in the week we saw evidence of Rey and Chewbacca’s Millennium Falcon parked in the area. The ship itself appears to be covered in a camouflage tarp. Those that have glimpsed it are generally unsure if the tarp is part of the set or to actually hide the ship. The fact we’ve seen it covered and uncovered makes me think it is protect it from Earthlings and not the First Order. A reliable source mentioned that they are digging trenches out there but we don’t know if they’re trenches like the ones from end of The Last Jedi or simply ones for the cameras to shoot specific angles in. It appears there are actually two Black Park sets at least. It isn’t clear at this time if the sets connect or will connect.

Some plants and vines have been brought into Black Park as set dressing and these vines are not native to the Black Park area, giving it a more tropical look when the vines are attached to trees. The long vines added to the existing trees make something completely new we haven’t seen on a place like Endor or Takodana (that we know of). They are slightly reminiscent of concepts for a sequence cut from The Force Awakens’ Takodana battle in the forest that was pulled back in the finished film. There’s been a lot of suggestions that older content from VII is making its way into this film. At this point it isn’t clear to what extent J.J. Abrams’ unused VII ideas are making a comeback in IX.

New Photos

Another image shows what has been described as a castle “battlement” or “turret” of what is assumed to be a castle or part of a defensive wall. I do wonder if this is related to the leaked pics from last weekend. A few of the photos of the area around Pinewood just out of Black Park have a look not unlike those photos. I was told the leaked photos from last weekend were not from Black Park, but it doesn’t mean they’re not from Pinewood. However, sources have said that the castle stuff is unlikely to be Star Wars-based work:

The castle and medieval village that has been built within Pinewood Studios has been there for several months.  Yes the castle etc is in the same place where the Pinewood outdoor sets were for Rogue One and Episode 8 and I think Solo, but IMO these were for Maleficent 2.  I think this is based on the fact that the castle sets started construction several months ago (possibly April) before Maleficent 2 filming started … it looked like the castle and medieval village was possibly starting to be broken down.  It seems from news reports that Maleficent 2 wrapped this weekend.  The main star trailers for Maleficent 2 have been parked where the trailers were for Rogue One and Episode 8, so with them moving out we could see the trailers for Episode 9 moving in.

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