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Star Wars Resistance first look trailer, screenshot gallery, and breakdown!

Star Wars Resistance first video teaser!

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We have finally been given our first look at Star Wars Resistance, the new animated television series set before the events of The Force Awakens. As I heard, the show premieres on October 7th at 10pm.  That’s when we will get to have our first adventure with Kazuda Xiono. The trailer was rather cool and kind of weird to see. I tend to have a little but of cognitive dissonance about these shows when they have a new look. The series reminds me of a well-shaded Robotech meets The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, which is my best frame of reference for the show’s design. There were rumors that the show would scale towards a younger audience but looking at this I think it will be like Netflix’s Voltron–a show for everyone, really.

The Star Wars Resistance Trailer:

Updated character list:


Kaz’s ship has a really interesting look that caught my eye. I really dig it a lot. The ship is yellow and it appears to have a Naboo Starfighter painted on the side. Does that mean Kaz is from Naboo? Perhaps just the ship is? I hope it pans out to be the case as I really love the prequel era and any connections to that point in time that unify and bridge the entire saga together make me happy.

Resistance First Look 009

The opening has that ticking clock vibe from the Dunkirk film and trailer. The walkways we briefly see really have a Solo: A Star Wars Story hauler feeling about them:

Resistance First Look 000

It appears to me that Kaz is participating in some kind of air race like something from a video game. At one moment Kaz appears to even be up against a TIE Defender in the race/obstacle course with an audience and and everything. It appears to be an older version like we saw in Star Wars Rebels, I think. I’m guessing that Kaz and the woman pilot that calls him “competition” are up against some serious ships and they clearly prevail, making a name for themselves in the process. Kaz appears to fry his ship during the challenge and I think the lady racer probably saves him and actually wins the race and my guess is Kaz’s knack for survival and reacting to pressure catches Poe Dameron’s eye for recruitment as a spy. His mission is to find out who is loyal to the good guys and who isn’t.

I have more questions than answers after seeing this. My working theory is that this show is essentially Star Wars meets Speed Racer. I almost see Poe Dameron as the Racer X to Kaz’s Speed Racer here (I’m not implying they’re actually related). Perhaps Kaz is able to spy and scout for the Resistance while doing so under the cover of being a racer and heading out to different places to race and do recon? If this is the case, it does open some opportunities for Han Solo who was involved with racers turned Resistance pilots such as Greer Sonnel in Star Wars: Bloodline.

It does appear that the woman that races Kaz also has an R2 unit that is in the colors and design of her jumpsuit and ship. The way Kaz waves to her, he does seem embarrassed and maybe attracted to her.

Resistance First Look 040

The woman with the drill on her jumpsuit is most likely a pit crew member for Kaz. She also appears to be wearing some of those welding type of glasses we saw used on the Falcon, I think. She seems cynical and somewhat appalled by Kaz’s actions or treatment of the vehicle in the episode we are seeing used for this trailer.

Resistance First Look 041

The team or what I’m assuming is the team for our heroes is pretty neat. There’s an alien like Rystáll Sant from The Max Rebo Band. The green guy looks like an adorable Klaatu. There’s an old guy in the background everyone can eventually wish is Nik Sant from Return of the Jedi. There’a chubby Rodian too!

Resistance First Look 044

There’s also a guy that looks like Grummgar from The Force Awakens, but I doubt this is supposed to the same dude as the backstories don’t seem to line up in anyway that opens up a time for him to be Kaz’s father figure like Pops Racer, Speed Racer’s dad (I’m really going all in on that aren’t I?). He’s a Dowutin. Judging by the fact he throws someone off a ledge, he seems pretty no-nonsense and doesn’t suffer fools gladly. You can also see a Snaggletooth (Snivvian) and a droid similar the spy in Maz’s castle in silhouette. The fact that Poe Dameron knows about the man he tossed over the side, I’m thinking he was a First Order sympathizer and that would make the Dowutin a friend of the Resistance.

Resistance First Look 048

Both Kaz and Poe seem to wear two different outfits in the trailer. Kaz has a blue outfit that does not appear to match the ship he flies in the show. Maybe the blue is Republic as it seems to have a the starbird logo with the Republic style burst behind it. Or maybe he’s assigned the ship we see him in by the Resistance and earlier in the story? He seems to be wearing green when he flies the yellow and green ship in the trailer. Poe’s costume might have him in the jacket he eventually gives to Finn during the events of The Force Awakens and the other outfit is his flight suit. When Poe says “I got mission for you” Kaz is still wearing his blue clothes so I think that’s from before he’s on the green and yellow team.

Resistance First Look 034Resistance First Look 055Resistance First Look 032

A quick translation of the Aurebesh reads “Attention” on the top and the bottom reads “no,” probably referring to the weapons, and BB droids.

Resistance First Look 056

If we assume BB-8 is a guest appearance that might appear frequently on the behest of Poe Dameron, we could guess this image is when Kaz first gets his new racer and meets his new team? Kaz does state “can you imagine what its like to be an ace pilot?” The man with the dreads says Kaz can “work on his team” and they clearly have to fix up the ship and get it in flying order so Kaz can compete and complete his mission for the Resistance even though he wants nothing to do with the spying and espionage. Resistance First Look 059

This symbol hanging in the background is the Journeyman Protector of Mandalore banner. While they were essentially the royal guards for the ruler of Mandalore (Fenn Rau in Rebels was one too). If these are racing banners, we may see a Mandalorian Fang Fighter racing against Kaz at some point.

Resistance First Look 096

Check out our podcast reaction:

Honorable mention #1: Mrs. Unkar Plutt:

Resistance First Look 143

Honorable Mention #2: The Stormtrooper that makes Captain Phasma seem like old news:

Resistance First Look 145

Honorable Mention #3 The racers look badass! The red pilot appears to be a tribute to Rick Hunter from Robotech and that Rodian racer appears to be a tribute to Greedo if he wasn’t a punk that got sucker blasted in a cantina.

Resistance First Look 144

Honorable Mention #4 Naked R2 unit!

Resistance First Look 104

The screenshots:

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