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Star Wars Resistance premiere date and time!

Star Wars Resistance to premiere on The Disney Channel this October!

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Tonight over dinner I was engaged in conversation with someone that works in television and often hears interesting things. The conversation turned to Star Wars as it does and we are both super excited for The Clone Wars to return. That was when a specific detail I had not heard before was mentioned about Star Wars Resistance. The source was pretty confident about when the series premieres and I believe they’re accurate. Some of this information is known and some is new:

Star Wars Resistance will hit on The Disney Channel at 10pm on October 7th.

I believe that is a Sunday night. So the series will premiere late on a Sunday night. I don’t know if there’s different time zones and things like that which means some of us will be watching it at 7pm PST with a Disney Channel  that’s broadcasting from the east coast. But it is admittedly strange how late the show is going to be on TV for general audiences and an audience that is of various ages. Perhaps this is where Disney XD comes into play?

I’m pretty excited for the series. I think it will be different and I think that’s a good thing. It will be fun to explore a new era of Star Wars in animated form. For all of those of you that have been stressing about where Star Wars Resistance has been, it comes in about seven and a half weeks. I imagine we’ll start seeing things really soon with that timeline in mind.

Now is this time to start planning your Resistance parties. One of my favorite things about when Rebels first hit was going to over to Sal’s house and hanging out and watching the new episodes. Hopefully the Sunday airtime doesn’t mess that up too much, but I’m looking forward to Star Wars any way I can get it!

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