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Blue Harvest Episode 168: A Bad Day for Youtube

This week Hawes and Will relish in the news of Kathleen Kennedy’s extended contract.

  • Super producer Gary Kurtz passes away.
  • A new Star Wars Resistance trailer is released.
  • A Star Wars voice actress does something stupid on twitter.
  • Kathleen Kennedy’s contract is extended for another three years.

Listener emails and voice mails are discussed.

  • King Tom calls in about Star Wars comics.
  • Rural Farm boy calls in for the first time!
  • Eric Strothers writes in with his own special Star Wars viewing order.
  • Dave writes in about what Star Wars movies he tends to watch the most.

Emails are interrupted by breaking Star Wars live action television news!

  • Steve writes in about Kylo’s redemption.
  • Neal needs some reassurance after Bob Iger’s recent statements.
  • Utah Dougy writes in about Chewie.

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