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Exclusive high resolution photos & podcasting from a Star Wars: The Mandalorian filming location in Southern California!

We found a Star Wars set in our backyard!

Today we had a really amazing experience when were guided to the set of the live-action television series being shot in Southern California. I’m really exhausted but I’m going to finish this update tonight.  I’m still shocked to have seen a Star Wars location near my home. For years I’ve experienced the production of the Star Wars films through friends and to just watch a Star Wars set being built is both the most amazing and the most awesomely boring thing in the world at the same time. Randy, Iraj, J, and I just kind of looked at it for a long time in amazement. The word on the street is that filming really gets going next week for the series that takes place two to three years after the events of Return of the Jedi. We’ve also heard reports it was going to involve Mandalorians and some other avenues of information have backed up that idea.

The location!

Some of the location was marked with “Set 3” on it. We noticed some interesting features like “tiki” torches, which I don’t believe I’ve seen on Tatooine. But at the same time there is some set stuff there that is very Tatooine in design. There was some sort of  black rock set dressing that almost gave the set the appearance of being against a black mountain or something very lava-like. You can see this stuff on the tops of some of the structures. Off to the side of the set there was some fake black rocks and there was a lot of black gravel for the ground placed around the structures, but we saw a lot of it off to the side, too, so for all know the ground could be totally blackened when they film. What do you think–is it Tatooine or someplace new, like how Jakku and Jedha had a Tatooine vibe but ended up being different worlds?

Smooth Vaporator!

We saw some moisture vaporators but we didn’t see any that were in that A New Hope-style specifically, to the best of my recollection. The ones we did see where very large and one even kind of had the features of the bottom of the FX-7 medical droid from The Empire Strikes Back. Everything was very familiar but it was impossible to place any of it. It could be a place on Tatooine we’ve never seen before or it could be something totally different in context of the screen with digital backdrops finishing the landscape or extending the city. Is this a city or small square?

The Live-Action Television Show Rehearsal!

The structures on the far right had a small marketplace kind of vibe to it. The far center of the location has two large blast doors. There’s a round structure towards the middle back of the photos we were calling “the well.” It was here during a rehearsal there was a shootout and a guy in black leotard that perched upon the “well.”

I’m still amazed by the day we had today. I’m glad I was in town this weekend and not someplace far away where I could have missed seeing this “with my own eyes.” By the end of the night the trailers for the actors started to arrive and cameras were being moved around the property.

Now, This is Podcasting! Episode 247: Live from the Live-Action Television Show location:

Here’s the short podcast we recorded from the location. The audio quality is not to our usual standard of recording as we had to do it on the spot with a phone.

High Resolution Photos of the Star Wars Live Action Television Series set in California:

Some phone camera shots (they’re turning up sideways and we’ll solve this in the morning):

Photos of Jon Favreau around the rehearsal time:

Also, fuck Kavanaugh.

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