Solo: A Star Wars Story

Jonathan Kasdan Releases Factoids About Solo: A Star Wars Story


This baby’s got a few surprises left in her, sweetheart.”

Han Solo was talking about the Millennium Falcon when that quip, and the ship, escaped. But fans of the movie Solo: A Star Wars Story all enjoyed an impromptu surprise this morning, when co-writer Jonathan Kasdan tweeted a thread of what he called 53 random “factoids & notes” about the film just in time for its digital debut.

Obvious spoilers ahead:

Like Rogue One, I was able to follow the production of Solo from the first clap, so the film is special to me. And, now having seen the film 10 (?) times in the theater, I am looking forward to reading these new notes and sitting down in the quiet of tonight’s wee hours to learn more about one of my favorite Star Wars moments.

Moreover, I now feel a kindred spirit with Jon Kasdan, 38, whose genesis as a writer came just a few years behind my fandom, stoked as it was by the progenitor of so many of our childhoods, Lawrence Kasdan. These insights are manna to me and I appreciate his taking the time to share them.

My favorites?

  • “Han pulling the eel out of his pants is a not to River Phoenix, who worked with LK on I Love You To Death and was first to attempt the daunting task of playing a younger version of an iconic Harrison Ford character.”
  • “To this point, both LK and my favorite Han Solo line is ‘We’re all fine here now. Thank you. How are you?’ To both of us, that moment IS what makes Han our favorite character in SW (right behind Bossk).”
  • “When I was growing up, there was a stack of Star Wars Marvel comics in my grandparents house in Michigan that, I assume, belonged to my brother. It remained there, in exactly the same spot, for twenty-five years. I really wanted the shoot-out at the landing pad at Kessel to evoke the feeling of those wonderful Marvel comic covers from the 80s, Han and Lando, their blasters blazing. I think [Ron Howard] achieved that and then some. Seeing those three guys beneath the Falcon is the absolute realization of that particular childhood fantasies (sic). Thank you RH and GL.”

And thank you Jon and Larry Kasdan.


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