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Image: Lucasfilm

Just got a release from the folks at Lucasfilm detailing the amazing pilots from Disney Channel’s new Star Wars series:

You’ve already met Team Fireball, now we are pleased to introduce you to the elite crew of ace pilots hired to serve and protect the Colossus platform in Star Wars Resistance.

The one-hour series premiere of Star Wars Resistance will make its debut on October 7th on Disney Channel (10 p.m. ET/PT) and DisneyNOW. Two additional new episodes will be available via the DisneyNOW app and Disney Channel VOD, giving kids and families access to the series wherever and whenever they want to watch. 

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Sorry, naysayers, but I am sold on this series.

EVERY time I see a new piece of this story from the folks at Disney, I am brought back to my days watching Robotech (and to some extent both original Voltrons [vehicles and lions], Star Blazers, and Battle of the Planets).

However, the animation is also VERY, very reminiscent of Tron: Uprising. Oh, you never watched that show?

So, what do you think of the first few glimpses of the show? Hit us up on Twitter and let us know! JB