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Podcast 2187 Episode 113: Hangin’ with Hawes (And I Got in a Lot of Trouble)

In this episode, joing Jared, Mark, and Tim as they have special guest Hawes (“Blue Harvest”, “Rogue Won”) on the show! We get to discussing a whole bunch of stuff, including gatekeeping in the Star Wars community and the potential of Star Wars on the Disney Streaming Service. Plus, as you could expect, there’s a lot of great conversations we have about comics, podcasting, beards, and more plain fun. As a total side note, there’s also some awesome new tech for this episode that helps it be great quality–let us know what you think!


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Podcast 2187

Tim is a lifelong Star Wars geek. His favorite books are the Timothy Zahn Star Wars novels. If you say you don't like John Williams, JJ Abrams, or Brian Tyler, prepare to be corrected.
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