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Rebel Grrrl Episode 102: Jessie from You’re Creepy podcast

Thanks for checking out “Rebel Grrrl” again! On this very special scary episode we had our friend Jessie on to chat Star Wars and talk about her new podcast.

  • We chat with Jessie all about her new podcast “You’re Creepy!” and discuss some of the the things that make new horror films so dang spooky.
  • Jess gives us another history lesson in amazing women behind the scenes of Star Wars. This week we briefly discuss contributions from Gloria Katz and Leigh Brackett.
  • A long rambling discussion about the complexity of film adaptations of popular books.
  • We answer some Patron questions and discuss the future of the Jedi and Rey after the Sequel Trilogy.
  • Our own creepy experiences and spooky stories!




Also available is a full commentary track for Star Wars: The Phantom Menace with Jess, Amanda, and Tashi available on our Patreon. Check it out!

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