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Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge And Its Interactive Characters

Last night, our friends over at DSNY Newscast, synopsized a whole lot of details about the upcoming immersive Star Wars experiences at Disneyland and Walt Disney World:


“So when Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opens next year, Walt Disney Imagineering has promised a bustling intergalactic outpost on the outer rim of the galaxy, however, to create the illusion of being transported to the entirely new planet of Batuu, Disney will be using new storytelling techniques and immersive threads to make your adventure as personalized as possible,” said Jack Kendall. “Now this isn’t the first time that Disney has tried transporting you to another world, as in 2017 when Pandora – The World of AVATAR opened, the beauty of the landscape itself was the main device used to make the environment feel foreign and exotic. But Star Wars is a completely different thing altogether, as it has always been the characters that have defined the Star Wars franchise, the collection of personalities and richness of backstory. And so as you can imagine Disney is aiming to do the same for the new land opening in both Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

“But to bring this immersive storytelling to the parks, Disney is creating layered backstories, and ancient folklore around Black Spire Outpost and this settlement will have a colorful cast of characters. As we already know of at least five characters that will play an integral part of your Star Wars Adventure.”

Jack also mentioned:

“[T]he Bounty Hunter, Harkos, that will roam around the various areas of Black Spire Outpost, but mainly the Cantina. And Harkos is known for being one of the most ferocious and albeit being grumpy bounty hunters in the galaxy, which will surely make for some funny interactions.

“[W]e now know that [Vi Moradi] she’s a female spy for the Resistance and that she was even interrogated by Captain Phasma aboard a First Order Battle Cruiser. So maybe this character will be either be part of the rumored Stunt Show within Galaxy’s Edge, as is seemingly depicted in this concept art, or maybe she’ll play an integral part of the Battle Escape attraction, as after all that adventure takes place on board of a First Order Battle Cruiser as well.

“There is Dok-Ondar, who has been depicted in various concept art over the past couple of years, and since he is a collector of things from all across the galaxy, it’s rumored that there will be some kind of trade or exchange of goods that will unlock new elements of the storytelling of Galaxy’s Edge. However, I don’t see this character being able to walk around, as we can see the extensive work that has gone into this character in this behind the scenes video, I can see this being more of a fixed location interaction with the land, where the environment will help tell the story.

And the rest of the cast…


Obviously, we know that RX-24 will be returning to the Cantina as the DJ, and will have plenty of playful interactions with guests. Whereas the other new character is Oga Garra, who is the no-nonsense proprietor of the Cantina, who will surely be a key figure in any interaction between guests and Harkos the Bounty Hunter. Then obviously we’ll have Chewbacca, R2-D2, C3-PO, and BB-8 all featured in some way or another, but interestingly enough, it also seems that Hondo from The Clone Wars [and Rebels] will either be a walk around character or an animatronic, as we can see that Imagineers were working on the head sculpt of this character.

And finally, Kendall also cited’s own Jason Ward and his article about the areas’ music score:

And make a planet like Batuu immersive, you also need to have the correct music and atmosphere, and according to, the legendary composer John Williams will combine forces with Michael Giacchino, known for his iconic Pixar soundtracks, with the two of them producing the soundtrack and instrumental score of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

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