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Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and what ever happened to the cantina’s aquarium?

Over the past few years we have seen and heard about a lot of concepts coming to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, the Star Wars themed land coming to Disney parks in 2019.  The amazing thing about the park is going to be how immersive and “in universe” the experience is going to be. The experience is supposed to be so immersive we will feel like we are in the a land from the Star Wars films. For this reason, the cantina aquarium was always pretty interesting to me. I noticed it went missing from a more recent reveal of the location.

Keeping the land true to what we see on screen is challenging as seeing an ad from Earth on Batuu would be immersion breaking. Sources say sponsors want in on the new Star Wars themed land. A few reports have suggested Coke and Visa as companies who are pressing to get some sort of advertisement plan implemented. Disney apparently has the best of intentions for the park and selling the concept first and foremost is their immediate goal but that is the most challenging aspect of the endeavor. It was in a conversation about those aspects of Galaxy’s Edge that I heard a pretty interesting tidbit about the aquarium concept for the cantina.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge concept art

The first look at the “Cantina Aquarium” from early concept art for what would become Oga’s Cantina:

The most recent version of Oga’s Cantina:

New details

Sources say:

  • The cantina aquarium was dropped by Disney.
  • Instead it will have in-universe frozen drink machines.
  • It was originally supposed to be an animatronic, but wasn’t cost effective.
  • There is going to be a required Star Wars test for cast members who want to work in the land.

That’s the word from sources that have been extremely reliable in the past about Galaxy’s Edge pertaining to content covered and not covered on this site. It makes sense that sponsors would be frothing at the mouth to get into new land because the opportunity to make a solid payout from anything in that area is going to be massive, especially just based on the amount of traffic the location will have considering it will be insanely popular. I speculate that the DJ Captain Rex animatronic was a possible alternative.

I imagine there will be other ways for sponsors like Coke and Visa to play ball with Galaxy’s Edge that do not require VISA and Coke advertisements ruining the immersion. It is also worth mentioning that Galaxy’s Edge content takes place at a particular point in the Star Wars saga, so characters like Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker can’t show up there when it is a fight between the Resistance and The First Order. So Tomorrowland will likely be the place for those characters to have a presence in the park and that area is free to be exploited and it really isn’t that bad. As a kid, Star Tours being brought to me by Kodak never really ruined anything.

Back in 1999 when The Phantom Menace was opening I had to take a Star Wars knowledge test to be employed at the KB Toy Store Star Wars kiosk. But this is going to be another level of immersion and the “cast members” are basically being cast in a real time Star Wars story for the park goers to interact with.

I did really think the cantina aquarium concept was neat. However, the hotel they’re designing does seem to have a lot of similar motifs, so maybe it will be cost effective in that environment or something equally as neat will show up there? Will we able to get those icee type drinks with alcohol? Because if that’s the case, who needs a fish tank when you can drink like a fish instead?

If Disney is looking for someone to teach cast members about Star Wars, I’m just down the street. Hit me up.


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