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Updated: Star Wars: Episode IX Black Park Location 2 jungle set photos! New progress photo and report!

Our coverage of Black Park’s “jungle” set continues to unfold. In recent weeks we have seen the area being dressed with exotic vines. I have heard stories of the Black Park car park being pretty filled up and the situation causing traffic jams. Point being that it is moving forward. Today we are seeing appears to an area dug up, about a step or two deep. Around it appears to be rocky set dressing. There is wood at the base of the ground and there’s some tarps in the area that could be for bedding to perhaps make it into a “pond” or to hold a small amount of water, as one local source theorizes. The area with the Falcon is location 1 and the area being discussed in this update is location 2.

Rumors about the jungle area have suggested that there is a cave on this world that connects to a base. I have yet to see any empirical evidence of this but I did think back to the early draft of Return of the Jedi that had the Ewok Village situated underground in a cave. It would be interesting to see something like that make its way into the final third act of the Skywalker Saga.

Pinewood sources have suggested that at one point there was the intention to film the jungle sequences in Laos. It isn’t clear if there is to be any filming there or if that was scrapped when it was decided to film those moments at Pinewood and in the nearby Black Park territory.

As of now we have no idea what location 2 is for. Those rock slabs could just be a rock in the ground used as a place for our heroes to take a knee for a minute, or the outside of a pond, or the entrance to a cave. I like to think Rey decided not to put a door on the rebel base and she uses the force to let people in and out which is really annoying to everyone involved.

Here are some photos are gracious sources provided to us today:

Our past coverage of the Black Park set has included photos of the decorative vines and what appears to be the Millennium Falcon. In the park itself we know of what appears to be two separate sets. You can read our Falcon in Black Park update here. You can read our second update here that gets into the vines and how the reports on a castle are probably related to a different production.


Here is a photo taken in the last twenty four hours that shows how the set has progressed from the previous photos along with a small report of someone in the area scouting it out. Remember this is their impression and from my conversations with this person, I don’t believe they’re attempting to mislead anyone, it is just their impressions. Since this person was there, what they say and what they think matters but as we’ve seen before we rarely have the entire picture. I think the account has validity and is worth at least considering and the photo they sent over is really cool.

The Black Park location could perhaps be a swamp, they have a JCB digger and a large water tank, putting up lots of vines and palms up. As far as the other location goes, I would say from checking the place out pretty well from every side we are looking at a crash site of some sort. The place is worse for wear, not very tidy and there is some ship on Loc 2 but I could not get close enough to be sure it is the Millennium Falcon with certainty.

Check back for more updates on Star Wars: Episode IX filming daily. If there’s reliable news to report, you can count on us to cover it. The thirst for a ninth Star Wars film is getting real as we see more and more of the production moving forward. Between this and the recent look at Poe and Finn we got, I’m liking how the palette to the film is feeling. I always liked when George Lucas compared Revenge of the Sith to a Rothko piece and I’m curious as to what Episode IX will feel like in terms of colors and environments.

Smaller Update:

In this video you can some of the film sets around the Star Wars location. They mention the Mansion and I believe the castle that goes with this is probably from Maleficent 2.


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