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A Few Exclusive Star Wars: Episode IX Photos from Pinewood Studios as Boyega arrives in Jordan!

John Boyega heads to Jordan for Star Wars: Episode IX!

Today we have some set photos from Pinewood Studios as John Boyega arrives in Jordan for Star Wars: Episode IX filming. We’re fairly certain these photos are for Star Wars: Episode IX. I’ll have more about the sets confirmed in a few. Could these new set photos be related to the Jordan filming John Boyega is about to partake in? J.J. Abrams is said to usually film his movies mostly in order so these sets going up now while Boyega heads to Jordan could mean there’s some close connectivity between the locations at the moment, but we really don’t know.

From John Boyega’s Instragram Story:

Screen Shot 2018 10 20 at 1.28.46 PM

Our friend Jessica on Twitter:


To speculate a bit, if I had to guess we would think filming at a Mosque would be off limits for a variety of reasons and John Boyega wouldn’t show it if was a location itself. But what we could see happening is that the surrounding architecture may be somewhat compatible with the design of the Mosque. So maybe they will do something like they did in Dubrovnik for Episode VIII? The new photos we have Pinewood could interface with buildings meant to interface with the design of the Mosque in Aqaba. However, most of the locations we know of in Jordan are a bit more remote.

New Episode IX Sets for Star Wars: Episode IX at Pinewood Studios!

Here are our photos for the weekend. The architecture is pretty interesting, especially the second photo. However, to be clear the first photo is a set being built and it hasn’t been painted, maybe only primed. With The Mandalorian for a few days we thought we might be seeing three different planets but then we saw the “Naboo” looking set painted into a dark grey as the first paint was primer.

The two photos below are from the general area at Pinewood:


Pinewood00 Pinewood01

These are two photos we shared before that may be related:

Episode IX0000 1 Episode IX0001 1

The last photos from Wadi Rum Jordan showed a more remote location with a Jakku vibe:


Black Park filming

Here is a photo of the Black Park location after the cleanup this week. This is where we saw the X-wing, The Millennium Falcon, and the fabricated rocks put into ground to make a “pond.” Here it is after the clean up we mentioned recently:


We’ll continue to follow the production of Star Wars: Episode IX and The Mandalorian! Check back for updates as we monitor all of the most interesting production developments from the Star Wars saga!


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