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A Star Wars: The Mandalorian set report, photos, costume description, rumored director, and episode count.

The live-action Star Wars television series is really heating up now. With the movement on sets going up and filming happening, we are hearing a lot of things. For the last couple of days I have tried to verify a lot of this information but it has been somewhat difficult. There are a few things that keep coming across my desk that I’ll share that are unverified. I think it is information worth considering or I wouldn’t bother with it, but I can’t double down on its authenticity just yet, either. This update is going to consist of two parts. The first part is unverified information and the second part consists of empirical information.

The unverified rumors that continue to come in!

There are not too many times when a few pieces of information come in from disparate sources and the information is incorrect. However, this particular information is not something I have been able to verify 100% despite multiple sources on it.

Since September I have heard that Dave Filoni is directing two episodes of the first season of the live-action Star Wars television series written and produced by Jon Favreau. Some sources believe Filoni is directing the first episode of the show (and a Marvel Cinematic Universe alum is said to be involved, too). I’ve been told there’s five directors in total for season one and three are directing two episodes. A director with two episodes is supposedly George Lucas’ “Padawan” Filoni.

I have also been told that the code name for the television series is Project Huckleberry. Recently Indie Wire had an exclusive that Werner Herzog was working on a “film” with the code name “Huckleberry.” If the information I obtained is indeed correct, it may mean that Werner Herzog is in the live action Star Wars television show.

It also sounds like Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’s Greig Fraser is involved as the cinematographer, which would be fantastic. That would fit nicely with John Lord Booth as the art director and Joseph Porro as the costume designers. If that pans out, we have a lot of reason to be excited about the look and feel of this show.

And finally the last piece of information floating around is that the series is actually going to have eight episodes in the first season. It was reported earlier on that there would be ten. As the rumor goes, the story only needed eight episodes and that’s why the number came out to eight episodes. All killer, no filler.

Once again, everything you read above are rumors we’re hearing multiple times but do not have a hard confirmation at this time.

Verified information from the shoot yesterday!

Yesterday it seemed as if filming on the set of the untitled Star Wars live-action television series was actually happening. The large blue screens were actually blocking out a lot of the good angles to view the set and the action. But we were still able to get some information out.

First up, here are some photos we took:

The filming

Yesterday during filming they had two guys in costume standing on the rooftops of the sets. We weren’t able to get a solid photo of the costumes, unfortunately. They were wearing dark brown jackets with hoodies, kind of like a Jawa hood so we could not see their faces (we’re not saying the face is blacked out) but even when they turned towards us we couldn’t see any flesh of the face. They had a pauldron type of rounded shoulder armor on the left side that is slightly lighter than the jacket.  They also had on a utility belt that is lighter colors of yellow and brown with dark brown pants with boots. They could just be standard Star Wars city dwellers, but both guys were wearing the same outfit.  It was the first costumed character we’ve seen from the show, so that was exciting. It was hard to not feel bad for the two actors in the costumes as it was really hot yesterday.

Let the good times roll!

I think we’re officially in the thick of it now. It felt like the live-action Star Wars television series was never going to happen. We’ve been waiting for this since 2005 at Celebration III when George Lucas said Star Wars: Underworld would become a thing. It never did. And now here we are in 2018 and it is finally happening. There are sets. We’re seeing things. We’re hearing things. As always, this is the most fun moment for me in all of this. Not too long from now, we’re going to be watching a Star Wars television show and that’s awesome.

We’ll continue to keep our ear low to ground and follow this production “with great interest.”

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