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Behind the scenes of Solo: A Star Wars Story with Steele Saunders!

Ignite the Green Stringbean!
Total Newb.

Steele Saunders, friend, comedian, podcaster, lover of life, Tweeter, father of Harrison and so on, went down to Lucasfilm and did some pretty cool interviews for Solo: A Star Wars Story. In the video below, Steele speaks to Maul himself aka Ray Park and even learns how to lightsaber fight. Steele does okay in the lesson, but I could take him easily. You should see for yourself because you could probably take him too.

In all seriousness, the video is pretty neat and there’s a particularly cool moment in the video where Ray Park talks about his son discovering he’s in the film:

Another congratulations to Steele and Jackie on their newborn son Harrison who was born over the weekend and for becoming Darth Maul’s new apprentice. What a month!

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