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Blue Harvest Episode 169: I’m So Excited and I Just Can’t Hide It!

This week Hawes and Will are joined by their good buddy Evan DeChellis!

  • continues their incredible coverage of the live action Star Wars show.
  • Jon Favreau releases the title and synopsis for the show, The Mandalorian!
  • Hawes freaks out.
  • The first picture of The Mandalorian is released.
  • The list of directors for The Mandalorian is released.
  • The Mandalorian! The Mandalorian! The Mandalorian!

Listener emails and voice messages are discussed.

  • King Tom wants to know what the tone of The Mandalorian will be.
  • Steve-Adi calls in and makes his mark.
  • Andy calls in about what he hopes to see in The Mandalorian.
  • DeMarcus returns and has some thoughts on The Mandalorian, Star Wars Resistance, and Hot Toys!
  • Aaron writes in about animal encounters in Ireland.
  • Dave wants to know what we’d like to see in Galaxy’s Edge.
  • Fraser writes in about the weathered look of Star Wars.

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