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Blue Harvest Episode 170: Bad Genes

This week Hawes and Will explore the consequences of bad genetics.

  • Star Wars Resistance has debuted and we discuss the first episode.
  • Information about The Mandalorian continues to roll in!
  • Willrow Hood?
  • Galactic ice cream.
  • Hawes is right for once!

Listener emails and voice messages are discussed.

  • King Tom wants to know who we’d like to see cast in The Mandalorian.
  • Rural Farm Boy has some unfortunate raccoon information for Hawes.
  • Utah Dougy wants to know what we can realistically expect from Luke in Episode IX.
  • Brad H wonders why terrible sources continue to be cited.
  • Dave shares his Star wars holiday traditions.
  • Neal catches something in Solo and has some tips for Celebration Chicago.

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