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Exclusive Star Wars: The Mandalorian costume photos and happenings update! – October 3rd

The team continues to monitor the filming of the first live-action Star Wars television series.

On location of the live-action Star Wars set in Southern California, we have a lot of fun activity to report this morning. We were speculating that this Little League baseball field-sized lot was going to be for several sets and location and not just one large location. Today we can verify that this space being used for a lot of different locations in the show. Some of the set pieces might even be modular so they can easily transform them into new places.
The crew have constructed another enclosed set behind the building where the tiki torches were seen from our second high-res photos story, near the blast door.  There are now a bunch of production tents, like a directors area; however it appears they are actually filming there, too.
We have seen the crew dismantling the bazaar or marketplace sets and reconstructing a longer straight set, perhaps that of an alley that’s supposed to be connected to the previous set?  Or maybe what we saw before was just the set in storage state, and now they are building it into the shape intended for filming?  It makes sense because they are using the rest of that pile of dark black sand we’ve seen under tarps to fill out the alleyway floor, which also confirms that is still the marketplace location as it had the black floors and black rock near the roofs.  There is also a much bigger chunk of black rock sitting around now but we have not seen it placed yet.
In a particularly comical moment, we observed and actor or stunt performer running for cover with a gray body stocking on.  They are probably telling guys with special outfits on to not be out in view but nothing is funnier than a random person running wild in a body stocking like something out of The Eric Andre Show.
Today there’s a possibility of rain and we don’t know if that will delay things or not. By about three or four in the afternoon there’s likely going to be rain.

Around the set, a parameter create.

Here you can see how they have closed up the set’s view for a lot of the filming on the spot where we used to see the vaporators and the “blast door.”
Live Action Show 10 2 18 1

Sets outside of sets.

This stone wall is likely part of the market place set or bizarre set:
Live Action Show 10 2 18 2
Raise the roof!

Here are the costumes we discussed yesterday in the last update. You can see the two rooftop costumed men but they do not have the hoods up at this moment. It was really hot yesterday and those costumes had to be pretty brutal to wear all day.
Live Action Show 10 2 18 3

We hope you’re enjoying our coverage of the filming of the still untitled Star Wars series coming to the Disney streaming service in 2019. We will continue to monitor the activity to the best of our ability to bring you the best Star Wars news reporting we can in this exciting moment in Star Wars history.

Check back for more updates as we continue to follow all things of interest with Star Wars and The Mandalorian!

Check out more of our reporting on the series and get caught up on anything you’ve missed!

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