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Exclusive: Star Wars: The Mandalorian and the Mystery of the Blast Doors! Over 100 dazzling photos full of intrigue and wonderment!

Please do not openly discuss the details of this article on social media as to not spoil the the show for anyone that does not wish to be spoiled. While we love spoilers, not all fans do, so lets not upset anyone that doesn’t want to know these details and potentially ruin the experience for anyone. Don’t be a fool, be cool!

After today’s really rad Star Wars: Episode IX set pictures from Jordan, our buddy The Mandalorian has some developments too. We have seen some interesting developments that have taken place from our first report to our most current report you’re reading now. Most interesting to me has been the giant blast door at the center of the “Tatooine” set.

It was funny because seeing the door well can be difficult, especially with so many modular set pieces in the way as they do new setups and takedowns. In our first report you could kind of see inside the open terracotta-colored doors. However, we noticed something changed a few days ago but couldn’t get a good shot of the changes. We happened to be on location at the same exact time as the first photo and like something out of Raiders of the Lost Ark a sunbeam of light illuminated the room and we got some great shots of the interior. We spoke briefly about a set built behind this area and it appears this is actually an interior that goes into a small corridor and into a set in the back of the exterior. As you look through the photos we took you can see the location behind it.

So how did the blast doors get blasted? Did that Mandalorian use some super rad cutting tool to get in like Jango used in Star Wars: Bounty Hunter (a game Dave Filoni loved if I remember correctly)? Was it a lightsaber cutting it like Qui-Gon did in The Phantom Menace? (That seems unlikely considering the timeline). It could have been blasted too, but in my opinion that looks more cut open than blasted open.

The door on day 1 and the door on 10-6-18:

Here are lot of photos of the door and some new wall damage to the right of the building:


A somewhat familiar world?

In the photos below you can see a rock structure on the ground that kind of reminds us of the rock work we’ve seen on the Episode IX sets at Black Park (not that we mean to imply some kind of connection). You can see a lot of really cool details on the alley way set with the black magma kind of stuff. Is this Sullust? A good friend suggested it might be and it is kind of hard to shoot down. We’ve only seen the world in Star Wars: Battlefront and non-gamer audiences aren’t really too familiar with it. Also, in a few shots you can see the ground and the pattern it has when it doesn’t have the black stuff on the ground around it which I found interesting (you can see a good shot in one of the vaporator-type props with the FX-7 bottom on it).

Then we see the really marble-looking wall in the shot with the rocks in the foreground. I wonder if that’s a third location from the series? It could always be the “Tatooine”-styled set without the last finish on it. The archway is rounded at the top. However, the archway on the marble looking wall doesn’t match the style of the archways on the “Sullust”-looking planet that mostly has slightly rounded but more square doorways. However, our limited view of the entire planet might be wrong and both may be there in the end. What do you think–is that Sullust?

Keep checking back as we continue to follow the production of Star Wars’ first live-action streaming show. Maybe it is because of the proximity I have to the set or maybe it’s the little boy I used to be that played with his Boba Fett action figure as a little kid and sees the potential for this type of storyline, but I think right now I’m most jazzed for this show than any other Star Wars story on the horizon right now.


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