Halloween inspired seasonal events coming to Star Wars: Battlefront II and Galaxy of Heroes!

I can’t lie, I’m super excited for Red Dead Redemption II so I’ve been playing a lot of Star Wars: Battlefront II in my leisure time so I have the credits to buy General Grievous at the end of the month, since I’ll be playing less at that point. That said, I think I will be putting some time aside for Star Wars: Battlefront II once again because this sounds like fun and the types of events I would like to see more of.

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  • Star WarsBattlefront II: October 26 – 31 – A Halloween-inspired night-mode is coming to select maps, including Mos Eisley, Endor, Kashyyyk and Naboo. Players will also find the cloning facility on Kamino haunted by a furious ocean storm. To top it off, the Death Star II and Jabba’s Palace will re-appear and all of this will occur during a Double XP weekend.


  • Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes: October 30 – 31– The Defense of Dathomir event will commence as General Grievous, Count Dooku and the Separatist Army invade the planet. In this limited-time, 2-tier event, players can gather a force of Nightsisters and defend Darthomir from peril for special rewards: shards for Mother Talzin will be rewarded to victors in tier 1 and 2-4 coveted Zeta Ability Materials are rewarded to tier 2 winners.

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It is pretty cool to have some season content coming Star Wars gaming. I’m really curious about that ocean storm on Kamino, which is one of my favorite maps. That double experience weekend is going to be nice too. I’ve almost maxed out of my heroes and all my troopers are maxed out at this point. It is almost pointless but I want to max level every character and unit in the game for the fun of it. With Halloween being the best of all seasonal events, I will play spooky Star Wars on my Xbox this year.

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