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Happy Birthday Jon Favreau! George Lucas on the set of The Mandalorian.

Jon Favreau has been hard at work for the past month filming the first ever live-action Star Wars. Even on his birthday. Favreau has not been shy about sharing photos from the set of The Mandalorian on his Instagram including an intergalactic ice cream maker and a very cool Mandalorian weapon. Today the writer and director of the series shared a photo of the man himself, George Lucas visiting the set. It looks like Lucas just stopped in to delivery a bottle of wine from Skywalker Vinyards. What a surprise!

Lucas and Favreau seem to be standing in what looks like a typical Star Wars cantina set. Rad! With all the scoops from here on and the photos that Favreau has shared, the lead up to this series has been the most fun I’ve had anticipating a Star Wars project since The Force Awakens! I can’t wait to get our next look at more of the sets and maybe even the actors involved.

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