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Interesting set photos from Star Wars: The Mandalorian, a John Leguizamo rumor, and a strange tidbit!

Please do not openly discuss the details of this article on social media as to not spoil the the show for anyone that does not wish to be spoiled. While we love spoilers, not all fans do, so lets not upset anyone that doesn’t want to know these details and potentially ruin the experience for anyone. Don’t be a fool, be cool!

Set Report: 10-5-18

Activity on the set of the new streaming Star Wars show called The Mandalorian has been pretty chill today. But that does not mean there is not activity of interest going on. After our report yesterday where we clarified which directors would be directing which episodes, I can’t help but look at these set changes and wonder which directors will be using these pieces for their episodes?

Today we have seen a larger piece of volcanic rock installed into the set and you can see a bit more of how it integrates into the architecture of these sets. We’ve mostly seen just little tiny clumps of the material on parts of the marketplace type area but in the photos seen today, its really rather large in comparison to what we’ve seen.

Here is a different angle of the large door that leads into the new interior filming area:

Live Action Show 10 5 180000 1

The street set is mostly set up now.  However, the location is almost completely deserted today.  We have a shot of the street with the walls from the released image.  There is even a modular piece of wall that is almost completely black rock. We also think that the guy in the big black robes we mentioned in a previous update was the Mandalorian based on his size, but that’s a guess.

Here’s a bigger look at the black rock on the set. Many have asked us if we think this is Black Spire from Galaxy’s Edge. A lot of the pics I’ve seen from inside the new park do not exactly line up with this stuff so our guess is it isn’t. But it is still inconclusive and this story takes place about 30 years before the events of Galaxy’s Edge, so there’s a chance it looks slightly different, but it is doubtful.

Live Action Show 10 5 180002


Casting Rumor: John Leguizamo!

As I’ve always said, casting isn’t my strong point in the coverage of Star Wars. A friend in the industry told me that my story on Pedro Pascal was denied by his representation. So other than probably solving the mystery of what production Werner Herzog was involved with, my average isn’t fantastic.

I know a lot of you want to know who is rumored and what the word going around is. There is one actor that has come up several times now as one of the larger participants in the series. I’ve spent the last week trying to really get this confirmed. So treat this as a rumor and remember that I’m being really upfront about casting and those circles not being my sphere. I do get legit casting information from time to time and this information is information to take seriously.

Sources have suggested John Leguizamo has a part in the Star Wars streaming show The Mandalorian. Others who I’ve asked believed he was involved with Star Wars but couldn’t confirm it was The Mandalorian.

It isn’t an insane notion. John Leguizamo is extremely talented and has a seriously good body of work under his belt. He can be serious or funny. It is also worth mentioning that he worked with Jon Favreau on 2014’s Chef as well. But we do not know what the size, scope, or parameters of the rumored role at this time.


Some of the same avenues we heard Pedro Pascal was in the series were used for this story and as of now his representation has denied his involvement to a friend of ours stating our story was inaccurate. However, just to be clear, we wouldn’t run it if we didn’t think it was more on the possible side than not and if we didn’t have some confidence in the story. But without empirical evidence and just word of mouth, we are classifying this story as a rumor for now.


Potential Spoiler of Tiny Proportions

Here’s that something weird promised in the title. There is also another location with activity we do not know much about. But what was interesting about this other location was a person in the know said there were “Stormtroopers” and such walking about. We doubt they would mix up Mandalorians with Stormtroopers but let’s just leave that possibility open and then consider the cooler potential here. The First Order is not a huge threat to the galaxy while in its infancy and this story mostly takes place in the outer reaches of the galaxy far from the New Republic.

So what does that mean?

Maybe it means there’s rogue units of Stormtroopers or Star Destroyers with Imperials plundering the resources of the poor to survive without a centralized government to fund and supply them? I didn’t expect we’d see Stormtroopers or even hear about them but there have it.

We’ve also heard rumors that the Mandalorian crash-lands on a world the series starts out on, but we cannot verify that either.

Check back for more updates as we continue to follow all things of interest with Star Wars and The Mandalorian!

Check out more of our reporting on the series and get caught up on anything you’ve missed!

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