VideoYouTube’s Statement on Geeks & Gamers Starring Mark Hamill!

The place fake fandom goes to die, Geeks & Gamers, made another half assed video about in which they critique that we are a .net because they’re lame as hell. Of course we have the .com too but old stupid didn’t bother to check that before making another whinny video about how Star Wars has ruined his life and backed up his septic tank. They also pivot to the old “shill” space because its like a YouTube Jedi Mind Trick on the weak minded over there. We would have written an article to reply to the channel but we don’t think they would actually read anything without pictures, so I read the article to him and included lots of pictures and Mark Hamill clips.

Just to really hammer home how stupid Jeremy and his channel are we give an incomplete and out of order list of scoops and spoilers we broke over the years. Because you know, being shills we do what “the man” wants but Geeks & Gamers is totally rogue, telling it how it is one fanboy tear at a time.

The way they explain Star Wars and view fandom has nothing to do with the fact they had their first taste of attention by making one bad Star Wars video and homie saw an opportunity to assault the thing he pretends he loved. All of these types of channels weren’t making Star Wars content in any real way and they did not participate in fandom in an real way either. Now today they pretend like they’re scorned Star Wars fans. We say they’re not that at all, they’re opportunists.

That’s why Marvel sucks so bad for firing Wendig. They caved like cowards under the perceived pressure of a force that was never theirs. These aren’t real Star Wars consumers.

Anyways, I gotta get back to doing my Sunday shillin’.

-Jason Shill’n It The SJW Cuck Libtard Ward of

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