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Our sketch of a 10ft tall Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Ithorian Monument!

A Disneyland source of ours had some really interesting information about a giant statue that is going to be placed inside Galaxy’s Edge in Disney Parks. The statue features an ancient Ithorian “Hammerhead” on it. From what we understand, the statue doesn’t feature Dok-Ondar on it as the statue is supposed to be really old and a monument on Batuu where Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge takes place. But apparently the ten foot tall statue will be linked to the character in the lore and we’re assuming the connection will be something more than both of the characters being Ithorians. With Dok-Ondar being a prominent person to Crimson Dawn in Solo: A Star Wars Story, the criminal’s connection to the statue could be nefarious.

I was able to see the real statue briefly and make a sketch of what I saw. I didn’t have a lot of time and I translated the Aurebesh as fast as I good from sight. The Aurebesh writing translated to something like “We wither to bloom.” It reminded me of the poetry on Enfys Nest’s helmet that reads “Until we reach the last edge, the last opening, the last star, and can go no higher.” The mystery is what is the purpose of the poetry? Just the beauty of it and something for visitors to see while they admire the artistry of the park? I theorize there will be some sort of scavenger hunt involved with these lines and maybe the poetry forms a riddle to solve? We have heard rumors about how visual games like this will be in the park but we can’t solidly connect any of those rumors to this piece of art specifically at this time.

Our sketch of the statue:

Galaxys Edge Ithorian Statue0000

At the Launch Bay at Disneyland there have been some little games with cards and Aurebesh translation games. The Indiana Jones ride has also had games that can be played with hieroglyphics and translations card if I remember correctly. So this isn’t exactly a new concept for Lucasfilm or the parks themselves. However, I have a feeling with the recent rumor that Galaxy’s Edge will have “seasons” that move the story forward, these types of games might have a bit more involvement with the general lore of the Star Wars themed land than past endeavors between Lucasfilm and Disney Parks.

Our sketch, while well done and accurate does not convey how beautiful the actual statue is. It looks movie authentic. It could be in a Star Wars film or a piece in Dreyden Vos’ collection. The park is going to be unbelievable. A lot of the things we’re seeing are more detailed than the actual props in the films because they’re going to be under the scrutiny of our eyes in person. Star Wars fans are in for something really special when Galaxy’s Edge opens up next year.

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