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Photos of a likely cast member from The Mandalorian, an extra, Huckleberry super confirmed, and more!

Please do not openly discuss the details of this article on social media as to not spoil the the show for anyone that does not wish to be spoiled. While we love spoilers, not all fans do, so lets not upset anyone that doesn’t want to know these details and potentially ruin the experience for anyone. Don’t be a fool, be cool! Always swim with a buddy!

In the images below you can see the partially obscured face of an actor from Star Wars: The Mandalorian. The black cloak is not a part of his costume. You can see the sleeve of his jacket and some of his pants as well. The jacket has a bit of a motorcycle jacket vibe to it mixed with a Rodian and a Resistance jacket. Generally when we see the black cloaks, they’re for important cast members. Extras walking around the set do not receive the same care and attention from handlers and usually are not obscured using the same tactics. We believe the man in the photos below is an important cast member from The Mandalorian. We could be wrong. We tried to identify him but it has been a struggle to confirm who the actor may be.

Here are some cropped photos of the actor being escorted to the set:


We also saw a glimpse of a man with an interesting helmet and another character in an interesting costume. We wish these had come out better but we know most of you would rather see them than not:


We also saw this extra near the location where we saw the creature that is most likely a Suerton from our creature report earlier today.


We also got a look at the Huckleberry badge further confirming Werner Herzog is a cast member:

Here are some additional set pics:

We also got a good look at the ground we were trying to discuss in a previous update for the marketplace area.

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