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Photos of a new structure from Star Wars: Episode IX at Pinewood Studios?

We’ve been so into the start of the live-action Star Wars television show many of you have asked us what about Star Wars: Episode IX? We’re still tracking the production. There’s a lot of sets going up but one problem we have with some of the information is what pertains to Star Wars and what is something else. Back during The Force Awakens we knew about the snow sets but there was also a movie filming called Everest and as you would imagine it was snow-filled and it was challenging. We have a similar situation with Star Wars and aspects of Maleficent 2. But I’m leaning towards the photos below being from Star Wars because of the timing.

We’re cautious on story details at this point as some of the particulars seem to be constant flux as J.J. Abrams refines and rewrites moments in the film. Details are just beginning to make their way out where this one is going. I’m dying to know the true direction of the final Skywalker Saga episode. But for now, we look at sets going up where our story will take place.

Star Wars: A New Structure


This appears to be from Star Wars: Episode IX on the North lot at Pinewood Studios.  The wooden pallets and the scaffolding have have been there for some time; however, the white structure is new and is likely from Episode IX. Some of the architecture does have a very Star Wars vibe to it.
Maleficent 2 had had a very tall castle rampart structure where the wooden pallets are, which are now long gone and then where the white building is, it looked as if there had been a big blue screen area. So there’s always the risk this is for Maleficent 2. However, a lot of the structures from that shoot were pretty easy to rule out.
Our friend out there told us the new structure is from a big production (i.e. will be expensive).  They also said that it won’t stay looking like that. What looks like polystyrene blocks will get covered by plaster and other materials and painted up.

Star Wars: Black Park Locations

Episode IX0000

The area is pretty locked down and our sources have said there isn’t much worth photographing. Last Wednesday there was lots of activity on both sites. The base is also still full of trucks and gear so there will still be activity on those locations. There was actual filming going on on the main Falcon site just days ago.
Sources could hear people being directed and a lot of whirring. However, Location 2 was relatively quiet, but full of cranes and had a lot of mini-generators.  There was a full catering tent set up nearby. There may be night shoots going on there, but that’s speculation on our part at this time.

I can almost see that location belonging to the people on horses we saw in those leaked photos from a month ago or so. But until we see it all painted up, it will be hard to say for certain how this interfaces with what we’ve seen so far. We figured it was better to share and let you decide what you think about the photos than sit on them.

We’ll continue to monitor the movement of Star Wars: Episode IX at Black Park and Pinewood Studios to the best of our ability. Check back for some really cool Episode IX content soon! Hopefully some confirmation about this structure comes in either way!


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